Spark: Samsung 3DTV Release in Times Square with the Black Eyed Peas

Mission: Spark Productions brought me in as a freelance animator to build the type animation and re-purpose 3D assets from the live event package to create a “rain-check” version, in case it rained the day of the event. There was a very tight turnaround and very precise technical specs for this particular project.

Solution: I created the type animation toolkit to share with the rest of the design team who worked on the alternate package. My secondary responsibility was to translate the linear edit for the single-channel video billboard into a 30-second promo for the Reuters building video billboards, made up of eleven screens, wrapping around two sides of the building and stretching up the corner into the skies. Despite numerous rain dances, the weather ended up being clear skies with a taste of spring; so this piece did not get to play in Times Square and the Black Eyed Peas did not perform at Radio City Music Hall. Thanks to Mother Nature being on board with Samsung and Spark’s plan, instead they had a surprise Black Eyed Peas concert LIVE in times square; that James Cameron and the Avatar crew filmed with their 3D camera rigs to be screened later at a special Samsung Experience event. Either way, it was pretty amazing to see every single video billboard in Times Square running the Spark team’s graphics for two hours straight.

This movie is an example of how the piece would have looked on the Reuter’s building, had the thunder cracked and the skies poured out their soul. There is no audio on these commercials, so my friend edIT was nice enough to let me use his track “Straight Heat” for your listening enjoyment on my website. If you like the song, I recommend clicking his name to learn more about his music or the song title to purchase the track on iTunes.

Legal Disclaimer: Do not copy or redistribute this quicktime movie, as the license is only for promotional use by Jan Tompkins for her role in this project. You have permission to view the video on this website and you may share the link to this post or trackback to this feed, as long as you are not granting a license or claiming copyrights to any 3rd parties in doing so. Thank you for your honor and respect regarding this matter.

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