Motorola Droid Sizzle Video (Agency: AKQA)

Mission: Back in October 2009, I had the pleasure of working with New York division of the digital agency AKQA as a motion graphics artist for the Motorola Droid Sizzle Video.

Solution: I composited the 3D assets, created the animated type and atmosphere elements, the applications that fly into the phone and the end tag animation. The final video is 1003×472 pixels in dimension on the actual website, so the entire project was created in HDTV ready dimensions and scaled down in the final output to retain resolution integrity after flash compression. It was also an excellent lesson in juggling compression settings for optimal playback performance.

Agency: AKQA
Client: Motorola
Project: Droid Sizzle video for Motorola website

Damian Claassens – Group Creative Director
Mariana Bukvic – Sr Art Director
Dan Smith – Art Director / Motion Graphics
Jessica Brazen – Art Director
Reed Loar – Sr Designer / 3D Artist
Jan Tompkins – Motion Graphics Artist
Alicia Lee – Account Manager
Wes Adams – Project Manager
Reema Pinto – Account Director

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