In October of 2010, Jan Tompkins and Jelynne Jardiniano launched the first video art space in Jersey City, at a restaurant-bar-art-gallery called LITM, which stands for love is the message. Jan designed a 3-screen HD video array, which provides a place for films, videos and animation to be exhibited in downtown Jersey City, NJ. Treating it like a closed-circuit television channel, they decided to plan the first two months of programming by inviting both local and national artists to present their work. She also programmed and edited two 1-hour shows that ran short-format video and animation from both local and national artists and filmmakers. To bring it all together in a clean and sophisticated way, Jan created video packaging and branding for both monthly shows.

Each show ran for 1-month during business hours and was paid for by local businesses that purchased ad-space in between programming. LITM continues to screen a variety of media and host film festivals and other special screening events.

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