Google (Stardust) 2010 Holiday VideoMail

This is just the section I animated at Stardust for the 2010 Google holiday card, which highlights all of the causes that Google users contributed to supporting. The final version was translated into a bunch of languages and sent to Google members all over the world. The concept was turn statistics into isometrically illustrated examples of how many people were helped worldwide. The animated video shows how one person reaches many in each of the Google non-profit programs, using a powers-of-ten style reveal to show how the number of people impacted grows around the globe. There are 4 other scenes that make up the entire piece, not shown here; each animated by a different artist.

As the first artist on the project, I became the team leader for a group of 5 animators, under the guidance of Creative Director Alan Bibby. The team was all senior level animators, so my oversight was just for general consistency between scenes. Each scene often required designing and changing additional shots; so I did get to build several of the elements that were flushed out beyond the original boards. This was such a fun team to work with on such a tight turnaround for a truly unique holiday message!

Project team: Executive Producer: Mike Eastwood | Creative Director: Alan Bibby | Designer/Animators: Jan Tompkins, Fabian Tejada, Tonya Smay, Mauricio Leon, Chris West | Producer: Ryan McRee

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