Stardust’s Holographic Worlds for Blackberry & BBDO Moscow on the RealFiction Dreamoc

Mission: Create an interesting kiosk display in Russian airports for the Blackberry phone.

Solution: This was a really fun project to work on, with a really talented team of artists, for a unique 3D-holographic format. I am only responsible for the side views, shown from 1-minute and 21-seconds through 1-minute and 40-seconds in this video. The sides consisted of a shifting cloudscape that mimics the same weather patterns and lighting as the front view, creating an illusion as if the phone is floating within it. I created particular particle systems including fog, rain and rolling clouds and composited a variety of displacement maps on hi-resolution photography mixed with live-action cloud footage to fill a loop that was several minutes long.

Eye-popping holographic video content for client Blackberry MTS that will be shown on a unique, new mixed-reality ‘presentation station’ (RealFiction’s Dreamoc 3D Display). The installation incorporates physical products with free-floating holographic elements. MTS will show the futuristic-looking installation at major public venues across Russia, including all three Moscow international airports, as well as trade events, conferences and MTS retail stores starting in March.

Director Alan Bibby and the production team at Stardust created full-color 3D animated imagery designed to appear as if floating in space within the Dreamoc 3D display. This content was then seamlessly integrated with a physical MTS Blackberry Storm2 smartphone affixed on a stand in the middle of the Dreamoc.

Production Credits
Agency: BBDO, Moscow
Client: MTS
Production Company: Stardust Studios, New York
Director/Creative Director: Alan Bibby
Executive Producer: Mike Eastwood
Head of Production: Eve Ehrich
Producer: Ryan McRee
Sr Art Director: Aaron Maurer
Designers: Kaya Ono, Diana Park. Gabriel Tick, Jungeun Kim
3D Animation: Mark Rohrer, Weichieh Yu, Matt Guzzardo, Peter Richardson
Compositors/Animators: Tonya Smay, Mauricio Leon, Dorian West, Jan Tompkins, Alan Chen
Editor: Andrew Borin

Also viewable on Vimeo.

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