Stardust’s Holographic Worlds for Blackberry & BBDO Moscow on the RealFiction Dreamoc

from Stardust Studios on Vimeo.

Mission: Create an interesting kiosk display in Russian airports for the Blackberry phone.

Solution: This was a really fun project to work on, with a really talented team of artists, for a unique 3D-holographic format. I am only responsible for the side views, shown from 1-minute and 21-seconds through 1-minute and 40-seconds in this video. The sides consisted of a shifting cloudscape that mimics the same weather patterns and lighting as the front view, creating an illusion as if the phone is floating within it. I created particular particle systems including fog, rain and rolling clouds and composited a variety of displacement maps on hi-resolution photography mixed with live-action cloud footage to fill a loop that was several minutes long.

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