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Lady Jay djayed for over 10 years. She mostly plays for her family these days, but occasionally she pops up for a gig. While this isn’t a proper bio, know that she treated her djaying with the same integrity she applies to her career as a commercial artist. Through this relationship, the name Lady Jay has transcended being just a moniker for Jan Tompkins as a dj, but has evolved to become the alias for the artist herself. While she isn’t actively pursuing her djaying at the moment, she kept a few mixes online from way back when. Feel free to select from the dj mix archives below to hear a few classic Lady Jay selects.

Description (click title to download)LengthSize
August 26, 2004 – Transplant63 min58.9mB
March 2, 2004 – March Mix63 min58.9mB
January 2004 – Short-n-Heavy Mix29 min27.0mB
September 13, 2003 – LA Woodley Park Decompression Party47 min16.6mB
September 18, 2002 – 2×4 w/ Miss Shann58 min.14.9mB
August 8, 2002 – Funky Breaks70 min.16.4mB


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