DIRECTV: CD USA :30 Promo Package 2006

J.Tompkins CD USA Open ID

Mission: Jan Tompkins worked for DIRECTV from pre-vis through post-production to redesign the promo packaging for their newly acquired exclusive entertainment programming, CD USA. I animated the entire graphics package.

Solution: My board designs for the show open and the promo endtag are below.  My boards were one of the final contenders, but in the end, designs from Johnny Wong met the client’s final approval. That is the style and look that I animated in the quicktime movie you see above. As you can see, this was a very fun project to work on, where we really got to break out our bag of artist tricks and try some new techniques.

Original Entertainment Program: CD USA
Creative Director: Dave Pagani
Producer: Tracy Bugh
Executive Creative Director: Roger Hyde
Senior Designer & Animator: Jan Tompkins
Concept Artist: Johnny Wong
Editor: Chris Zowick
Assistant Editor: Alex Luna

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