AT&T: Regional “&” Campaign

Jan Tompkins worked for Digital Kitchen in Seattle on the Wisconsin & California spots, which were the first to air on television for the regional campaign which consisted of 7 promos that aired in 7 different states. Ads create a metaphor depicting how AT&T brings things together, just like the word and symbol &.

Client: AT&T
Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
Production, Design and Post-Production Company: Digital Kitchen
Creative Directors: Carla Tesak, Jules Filicai
Art Director: Tony Soares
Copywriter: John Zukowski
Producer: Matt Bonin
Executive Creative Director: Paul Matthaeus
Executive Producers: Don McNeill, Wendy McCarty
Creative Director: Matt Mulder
Associate Creative Director: Vince Haycock
Senior Designers: Erin Sarofsky, Sevrin Henderson
Staff Designers: Thai Tran, Colin Day, Ryan Gagnier
Freelance Designers: Jan Tompkins, & Chris Kirk
Editors: Josh Bodnar, Lee Gardner
Producer: Rob Sanborn

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