Citi 2012 Olympics – London (Publicis)

Mission: Publicis invited me to create cutdowns of their longer editorial videos featuring the Citi sponsored athletes from the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. In addition, I was tasked with revising the graphics from their on-air campaign to create a complete package for their microsite, facebook page and online ads.

Solution: Below are a few examples of my small role in a huge campaign.

This is an example of the end-graphic customization for the Citi sponsored donation campaign, which featured the chosen cause by the sponsored Olympian. (Original end logo graphic created by Brand New School)

This video is just a section of the full Thank-You video, which was featured on the Citi Olympics site and facebook page. It was an incentive for users and fans to vote for their favorite athlete, and the Olympian with the most votes earned a $500,000 donation from Citibank to their favorite cause. I was only responsible for the animated graphic portions of this piece, which is why I’m only showing a portion of the full video.

This video is a series of the editorial cutdowns I created for each athlete which also features the graphics that I created for their online packaging.

Brand: Citibank
Agency: Publicis
Producer: Mikey Centrella
Editing & Animation: Jan Tompkins

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