2018 (R/GA)

Agency: R/GA, Chicago/New York

Mission: The Chicago office of R/GA needed a customized approach to the social and out of home content for their We met on 2018 campaign. The graphic approach for this format meant I would be needed to rotoscope, composite and re-color several items for four different spots and deliver them in 3 different formats, making 12 deliverables total, with the help of two wonderful animators/compositors.

Solution: Using a pre-release beta version of the Composite Brush plugin for this project, I came up with a really quick and efficient process to pull clean keys on even the narrowest of color ranges. I had already done keys with another combination of plugins, but the render times were painfully long, so it was worth finding a better solution to save that time.

For the sweet tooth spots, I adjusted the lipstick and handle color to match the car and did a light color grade to blend back the incandescent quality of the source footage and removed very loud color noise from the dark areas of the shot. The whipped cream and head also required rotoscoping.

HD Social Ads:

For the weekender spots, I stabilized and tracked the shot so that I could add additional balloons to the scene to create a nice eye-line from the headline to the logo. The footage was very dull and flat, so I did quite a bit to improve and balance the color. I did paint and clean up to remove several icons from the red and white striped balloons in the footage that were not on-brand.

The techno lover just required basic color correction, rotoscoping and some simple compositing for the car lights turning on and off to the beat.

For the off the gridder matched the sky color to the text color and the hiker’s clothing to the truck color.


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